Who we are?
We are human rights defenders that work to reduce inequality, discrimination, and violence through the strengthening of democracies, protecting and promoting rights, and fighting impunity that is rampant in the region.

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The Board of Directors

CEJIL’s Board of Directors is comprised of prominent human rights defenders from Latin America and the Caribbean.
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member

Consejo Consultivo

El Consejo Consultivo de CEJIL está conformado por personas con destacada trayectoria en los derechos humanos en el continente. Su propósito es asegurar la implementación del Plan Estratégico de cinco años de la organización
Senior Advisor


CEJIL’s staff is noteworthy for its diversity and expertise. Staff members come from a variety of countries in the hemisphere, creating a multicultural environment that enriches the work process and has a favorable impact on the results obtained and the successes achieved. The professional staff is complemented and enriched by the valuable contributions made many volunteers through the Internship Program in the four CEJIL offices.
Program Director for the Andean, North America and Caribbean Region
Program Director
Executive Director
Administrative Assistant
Subdirector for the Program for Central America and Mexico
Senior Attorney
Senior Attorney
Program Director for the Southern Cone and Bolivia
Program Director for Central America and Mexico
Program Director for Brazil
Legal Director
Legal Consultant
International Cooperation Director
Institutional Development Assistant
Financial Officer
Director of Finance and Operations
Director of Communication
Director of Advocacy Strategies for Central America and Mexico
Communication Officer
Administrative Assistant