corte oeaCEJIL presents the Law and Jurisprudence Database, a tool designed for lawyers, justice officials, victims and human rights defenders that facilitates access to information, and essential to improve the quality and effectiveness of human rights protection at the international and local level
Law Database Jurisprudence Database

The Pro Bono Guide is a directory of people and organizations (who agreed to register) offering free counseling services and/or legal assistance for representation before the Inter-American Commission and Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

The Guide is organized by country and the information is presented in alphabetical order.





CEJIL’s Internship Program is primarily directed at students and graduates who wish to have more practical experience in the field of human rights to complement their academic and professional training.

CEJIL Activities report 20 yearsCEJIL 20 years

In its 20th aniversary CEJIL publishes an Activities Report that illustrates some of the most notable actions since its foundation in 1991.



Selection of CEJILs Amicus Curiae. These are reports presented before national or international judicial bodies, presenting a legal perspective for specific cases.

sala de prensaInformation resources about CEJIL and the Inter-American Human Rights System.


Selection of Useful Links to organizations and institutions working for human rights in the Americas and the world.