What we do

CEJIL has become one of the leading organization working to protect and promote human rights in the Americas due to the use of creative and comprehensive intervention strategies. CEJIL participates actively in a variety of forums involving multiple actors operating at many levels to achieve its objectives.


litigio Litigation before the Inter-American System is the most recognized area of CEJIL’s work. By providing free legal representation to the victims of human rights abuses before the regional human rights mechanisms, CEJIL seeks to uncover the truth and obtain justice and reparations. This is achieved through the strategic use of tools offered by the international human rights law.

Empowering human rights defenders highlights the key role that these actors play in the protection and promotion of human rights.

Almost two decades of continuous work  in the field of international human rights has equipped CEJIL with practical experience and a strong and unequal knowledge base. In accordance with its mission, CEJIL seeks to make the best use of its acquired knowledge by sharing it with a variety of entities around the world, including human rights defenders, national and international NGOs, and all those interested in the Inter-American System and international human rights standards.

fortalecimiento The strategy to strengthen the Inter-American System is built on a wide variety of advocacy activities before government officials, the Inter-American Commission and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and OAS political bodies. The goal is to reach greater transparency, dialogue, accessibility and effectiveness in the hemispheric protection of human rights.