Legal Internships

Typical Applicants

Principally for law students or law graduates interested in a career in international human rights law, with a particular interest in Latin America. Students or graduates with careers oriented towards human rights work will also be considered.


  • Solid command of the Spanish language. Knowledge of Portuguese and/or English are valuable, depending also upon the office where the internship is held
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of tasks
  • Previous experience with NGOs is a plus

Job Description

Legal interns are paired with a CEJIL staff attorney and are actively involved in three areas of work: The Legal Defense Program, the Training and Dissemination Program, and the Campaign to Strengthen the Inter-American System. Interns will collaborate with his/her tutor on cases before the Commission and the Inter-American Court. This could entail researching the case background and precedents, helping to draft and edit briefs, attending hearings, developing legal arguments, and communicating with NGOs.

The interns may research broader issues about a specific subject, that would contribute the elaboration of amicus curiae, publications, and/or promote knowledge within CEJIL’s staff and interns.

Intern will be required to participate in the daily affairs of CEJIL, such as coordinating meetings and conferences, revising and translating institutional documents and publications, supporting fundraising tasks and participating in meetings.

Legal interns should also be able to perform basic administrative tasks when necessary.


By the end of their internships, legal interns can expect to possess hands-on experience about cases before the Inter-American Commission and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, a comprehensive understanding of the Inter-American human rights protection system (as well as some grasp of its sibling systems in Europe and Africa), an in-depth knowledge of human rights situation in Latin America, and practical experience in the day to day operation of an international NGO.

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