Condemnation over excessive use of violence and censorship in Nicaragua

San José, April 20, 2018.- CEJIL repudiates the serious acts of violence that have occurred in Nicaragua which, thus far, have resulted in the deaths of three people and left dozens wounded. Moreover, we condemn the disproportionate use of force by public security forces, as well as their tolerance regarding the force used by individuals against protestors.

We would like to underscore the fact that these protests started after several reforms were made to the Nicaraguan Institute of Social Security (INSS), which led to an increase in dues and a deduction of 5% to pensions. Since this decision, the response to the outcry of numerous citizens has been  one of mounting repression.

With these acts, the State of Nicaragua shows, yet again, that its commitment to human rights is limited. 

In addition, we regret the acts of censorship and violence carried out against journalists and communicators who have been stripped of their equipment, making it difficult to document and publish information to the general public. With this, Nicaragua yet again violates the right to freedom of expression.

Similar acts have been previously denounced before the Inter-American Human Rights System. However, Nicaragua has continously ignored these claims. We urgently call on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and with it, the international community, to condemn these acts of repression and to monitor the situation in the country.

Finally, we send our solidarity to the people of Nicaragua: our hearts and our strength are with you. We call on the State of Nicaragua to respect and comply with its obligations and take urgent measures to prevent the police from making arbitrary decisions that affect the rights of Nicaraguans. Likewise, we urge the State to listen to the voices of protestors and guarantee their rights.