Communication Internship

Typical Applicants

We consider students or graduates with concentrations in communications or journalism that are interested in promoting and protecting human rights, with a particular emphasis in Latin America. Students or graduates with a career orientation towards human rights work are also considered.


  • Excellent writing skills in both English and Spanish (particularly for the Washington DC office)
  • Knowledge of Portuguese and/or English is valuable, depending upon the office where the internship is held
  • Translation experience will be especially valued
  • Experience with web editing and social media
  • Ability to work in teams and with an editor
  • Strong research skills
  • Experience working in NGOs is a plus

Job Description

The communications intern will be actively involved in communications activities under the guidance of a staff member.

The intern will collaborate in the translation, research, writing and editing of documents such as press releases, public statements, annual reports, information bulletins, newspaper articles, etc.

The intern will have the possibility to attend hearings at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and/or of the Inter-American Court (depending on the office where the internship is carried out).

This intern will assist in the coordination of press conferences, and press interviews with staff members.

The intern will carry out administrative tasks as necessary.


By the end of their internships, press and communications interns will possess practical experience in communication strategies to promote human rights use in the Inter-American Human Rights System, an a wide knowledge of the human rights situation in Latin America.

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