CEJIL's Internship Program

General Information

CEJIL’s internship program is primarily directed at students and graduates who wish to have more practical experience in the field of human rights to complement their academic and professional training. CEJIL aims to provide broad and realistic knowledge of the functioning of the Inter-American System as well as the human rights situation in the hemisphere.

CEJIL requires interns to commit full-time for a period of at least three months. Although CEJIL will consider applicants who do not meet these requirements, CEJIL will give priority to those who do.

Pasantes en Buenos AiresInternships are available in three locations: Washington, DC (USA), San José (Costa Rica), and Río de Janeiro (Brazil). Although it is possible to apply to more than one office, each handles its selection process independently.

Currently, CEJIL offers three types of internships (click on each for more details):

1. Legal
2. Communications
3. Development

Internships are unpaid1,2, except for certain agreements with academic institutions or other unique situations.

CEJIL is unable to provide financial assistance for interns. However, CEJIL welcomes applicants who have financial support from universities or other organizations.

CEJIL does not provide assistance with any visa arrangements but accepted candidates will receive an official letter of acceptance which will help in the visa solicitation process.

Accepted candidates MUST have valid health insurance in the country they will be interning during the entirety of their internship period.


General Requirements

It is expected that interns in CEJIL be responsible and motivated individuals and able to easily adapt to working in a multicultural and dynamic setting. It is necessary that interns possess the ability to handle a wide variety of tasks and be a team player.

The majority of CEJIL’s work is carried out in Spanish. Because of this, it is essential that interns possess a strong command of the oral and written language in Spanish. For the office in Brazil, a strong command of oral and written Portuguese is expected. Command of the English language is also welcome, specifically in the Washington DC office.

Prior experience with non-governmental organizations will be taking into consideration.


How to apply

Please fill out the following questionnaire. Given our recent website overhaul, interested candidates should also follow up by sending their resume's and cover letter to the office in which they hope to carry out an internship.

Washington D.C.washington@cejil.org
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: pasantiasbrasil@cejil.org
San José, Costa Rica: pasantiasmeso@cejil.org

Pasantes de CEJIL en Buenos Aires. Agosto 2009.Given that each office handles the selection process independently, those interested in applying to more than one office will be required to repeat the application process.

It is vital that you carefully review your application before submitting it and ensure that all parts of the form have been completed. Upon submission, you will receive en e-mail confirming your application to CEJIL’s Internship Program.

CEJIL will only review complete applications that have been submitted and received on time.

CEJIL will only contact those candidates that have been selected for an internship.

It is important to be aware of the following dates:




Periods and application deadlines*

Period Corresponding months Application Deadline When the list of accepted candidates will be posted**
1 January - April October 15 November 15
2 May - August February 15 March 15
3 September - December June 15 July 15*


Períodos de estágios e prazos de aplicação de candidaturas para o escritório do Cejil no Brasil

Período Meses Correspondentes Prazos para aplicação Quando a lista de aprovados será divulgada
1 Novembro-Janeiro 30 de Agosto 30 de Setembro
2 Fevereiro-Abril 30 de Novembro 30 de Janeiro
3 Maio-Julho 30 de Fevereiro 30 de Março
4 Agosto-Outubro 30 de Maio 30 de Junho

1In the case of Argentina this practice is regulated by the Social Volunteers Law 25.855 of January 8, 2004; with the exception for those that are involved in agreements with educational institutions and/or projects of specific national cooperation, cases that are within the regulation of Internship Law 25.165 o October 12, 1999.

2In the case of Brazil this practice will be regulated by the Voluntary Service Law nº 9.608 of February 18, 1998; with the exception for those who are within the frame of agreements with educational institutions and/or projects of specific national cooperation, cases that are within the regulation of Internship Law nº11.788 of September 25, 2008.


"Please note: International students studying in the U.S. are eligible, but they must hold a valid F-1 or J-1 visa and appropriate work authorization. CEJIL is NOT able to sponsor visas for interns. If you are an international student not already studying in the U.S. on a F-1 or J-1 visa, then you have to go through a university exchange program or an outside organization (internship placement agency) that will sponsor your visa. You MUST have the appropriate visa to apply for this internship.

CEJIL is an equal opportunity employer and follows equal opportunity employment guidelines in the selection of its interns."