Bound by promises: contemporary slavery in rural Brazil
This video addresses many aspects of contemporary slave labor in rural Brazil, through the testimonies of several workers and their families. While some progress has been made, modern-day slavery remains a critical issue in Brazil, and CEJIL continues to dedicate substantial efforts to exposing it, seeking justice for victims, and advocating for improved measures to eradicate it.

The case of the young José Pereira is representative of the conditions of slavery faced by many seasonal, agricultural workers from the northeastern states of Brazil, where poverty is rife and work opportunities are minimal. Most are recruited with false promises, are transported to distant estates, and are detained against their will by way of violence and indebtedness. Once at the location, they are obligated to work in inhumane conditions and are frequently injured or killed by their employers if they seek to escape. This situation often develops in a context of impunity and complicity with the State. Despite complaints and concrete evidence presented of the extreme violence occurring over many years, no recruiter, foreman, or estate owner has ever been convicted.