Amici Curiae

Selection of CEJIL's Amici Curiae

These are reports presented before national or international judicial bodies, presenting a legal perspective for specific cases.


Amicus Curiae of CEJIL and Human Rights Watch about the cause: "Acts reported as occurred in the area of the School of Naval Mechanics (ESMA)”

Body: Federal Chamber in the criminal and correctional of the Federal Capital (Argentina)

In one of the first and best know proceedings before the Argentinean jurisdiction, in which the fight against impunity and the quest for truth and justice against violations of the dictatorship were addressed head-on    CEJIL and Human Rights Watch contributed to the judicial debate on the perspective of legality and international jurisprudence by filing an Amicus Curiae before the Federal Criminal Chamber of Buenos Aires. The intent of the organizations was explicitly to the Argentine State's international obligation to investigate every violation of fundamental human rights that occurred between 1976 and 1983 - period known as the "dirty war" - and inform the relatives of victims and society in general the outcome of this research as part of the then embryonic "right to truth". The brief was filed in June 1995.


Amicus Curiae of CEJIL in the case of Timurtas v. Turquía

Body: European Court on Human Rights

Timurtas v. Turquía is the first case before the European Court on Human Rights in which a non European organization participated in the proceedings of a case through Amicus Curiae. CEJIL presented before European Court in June 1999 a memorial gathering the most relevant pronouncements of the Inter-American Court on the phenomenon of enforced disappearance.


Amicus Curiae submitted within the proceedings of the case Campo Algodonero v. United Mexican States

Body: Inter-American Court of Human Rights

CEJIL and the International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Program at the University of Toronto participated in the proceedings of the case Campo Algodonero v. México through an Amicus Curiae centered on gender stereotypes in the region, and in defense of the principles of equality and discrimination. The brief was filed in December 2008.


Advisory Opinion Request submitted by the Republic of Argentina on the role of ad hoc judges

Body: Inter-American Court of Human Rights

In full debate on organizational and procedural reforms of the Inter-American System, the Republic of Argentina requested for the Inter-American Court to issue and advisory opinión about the controversial figure of Judge ad hoc in the regional dispute. CEJIL contributed to the richness of the debate through the development of an Amicus Curiaesubmitted before the court in January 2009 and defended its position in the public hearing held in San Jose, Costa Rica in July of that year.


Amicus Curiae in the case Rosendo Radilla Pacheco v. United Mexican States

Body: Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Rosendo Padilla Pacheco v. United Mexican States is the first case before the Inter-American system against Mexico, in which the focus of the dispute was the forced disappearance of persons. CEJIL participated in the legal discussion of the case by filing a petition, in July 2009, on the development of forced disappearance and the consequences of its consecration on international human rights law.