Empowering Human Rights Defenders

Empowering human rights defenders - SeminarCEJIL’s strategy for empowering human rights defenders recognizes the key role that these actors play in the protection and promotion of human rights.

Almost two decades of continuous work in the field of international human rights has equipped CEJIL with practical experience and a strong and unequal knowledge base. In accordance with its mission, CEJIL seeks to make the best use of its acquired knowledge by sharing it with a variety of entities around the world, including human rights defenders, national and international NGOs, and all those interested in the Inter-American System and international human rights standards.

CEJIL uses a variety of tools to fulfill this objective. Staff members give seminars and presentations at conferences, and teach courses on issues related to the Inter-American System within the framework of collaborative agreements with universities. Similarly, CEJIL organizes seminars and workshops throughout the hemisphere, both for civil society and government officials. Through these interactions, CEJIL is able to more effectively gauge the needs, limits and real challenges faced by local human rights defenders in their effort to protect and promote human rights and implement international standards and decisions at the domestic level.

The training that we provide is geared not only to those professionals already involved in the defense of human rights but also to activists, students and graduates interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of the subject. CEJIL’s internship program provides further opportunities for such persons.

CEJIL also uses its knowledge and resources to serve the media and general public through the dissemination and coverage of important issues concerning the situation of human rights in the Americas and across the world.

Likewise, CEJIL has always devoted a large amount of time and attention to publishing a wide range of materials, from litigation manuals to documentary films, while also seeking to create innovative databases.