Strengthening the Inter-American System

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Stregnthening the Inter-American System


The campaign to strengthen the Inter-American System is built on a wide variety of advocacy activities before government officials, the Inter-American Commission and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and OAS political bodies. The campaign seeks greater transparency, dialogue, accessibility and effectiveness in the hemispheric protection of human rights.

CEJIL promotes human rights norms and principles at the OAS by attending meetings and discussions that take place within the framework of the General Assembly and the Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs, among other political bodies. As an organization CEJIL provides analysis and makes recommendations to these bodies with regard to national and international human rights implementation mechanisms. CEJIL also provokes and participates in discussions on the functioning of the Inter-American System, contributing to the development and dissemination of concrete proposals for its improvement.

CEJIL promotes and enriches critical dialogue on the Inter-American System through the production of reports and analyses as well as the publication of position papers and an annual Journal, all with the aim of fostering discussion on important human rights issues. At the same time, CEJIL monitors and publicizes the nomination and election process for members of the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights.

In implementing this strategy, CEJIL places great faith in the active participation of civil society organizations as a fundamental and indispensable component. As a member of the International Coalition of Organizations for Human Rights in the Americas, CEJIL leads and encourages the creative involvement of civil society, both in the development of international legal standards and in political discussions relevant to the protection of fundamental rights.