Press releases

Urresti is currently under investigation for his participation in the murder of a journalist, Hugo Bustíos, in 1988
Thu, 08-21-14
Ecuador went to the Court to hold a meeting that did not include the presence of other parties involved in the process
Wed, 06-18-14
CEJIL remembers the life and fight of Narciso González and calls for full compliance with the IA Court´s sentence
Mon, 05-26-14
In the framework of a hearing convened by the IA Court to monitor compliance
Sun, 05-18-14
The hearing will take place in Costa Rica on May 16
Thu, 05-15-14
Intimidation efforts continue against Judge Yassmín Barrios
Mon, 05-05-14
Another beneficiary of precautionary measures is murdered
Mon, 05-05-14
The reform is a result of years of struggle for victims and human rights organizations.
Fri, 05-02-14
The victim was a beneficiary of the IACHR´s precautionary measures
Mon, 04-14-14
Sanctioning Judge Barrios contradicts the minimum standards of protection for judiciary independence
Mon, 04-07-14
Sanctioning Judge Barrios contradicts the minimum standards of protection for judiciary independence
Mon, 04-07-14
In commemoration of International Women’s Day
Mon, 03-03-14
Statement from the Coalition of Organizations for Human Rights in the Americas
Mon, 02-24-14
Mexico should guarantee that its judicial system does not take into account evidence obtained through torture
Fri, 02-14-14
International responsibility establishes the maximum guarantee of protection for this right in any circumstance
Tue, 02-04-14
Cases concerning Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, and El Salvador
Mon, 02-03-14
Due to persistent, flagrant violations of international law, 155 men remain detained today
Sat, 01-11-14
Ameziane is the first detainee in the history of Guantanamo protected by an international human rights body
Thu, 12-19-13
The subject of the hearing will be the violations committed against the 12 forcibly disappeared, 4 tortured, and the victim of extrajudicial execution
Tue, 11-12-13
CEJIL and CCR call for United States to grant IACHR and UN experts access to the detention center
Tue, 10-29-13
Of the 25 States with the highest rate of femicide/feminicide in the world, 14 are regional nations
Tue, 10-29-13
Eight thematic hearings before the IACHR will permit discussion on the situation of detained persons, women, human rights defenders, Trans persons, and others.
Sun, 10-27-13