Law and Jurisprudence

CEJIL presents the Base of Law y Jurisprudence, a tool to facilitate access to lawyers, justice officials, victims, and defenders of human rights to information whose knowledge is essential to improve the quality and effectiveness of the protection of human rights.

Based on some identified needs, CEJIL has developed two databases:

The Basis of Law is a compilation of  full texts of all instruments of the Inter-American human rights system, such as various declarations, conventions, and protocols, with updated information regarding its entry into force and their corresponding status of ratification.

The Basis of Jurisprudence comprises all decisions made by the Court and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in relation to cases that have already been ruled by the Court. It currently contains about 500 documents, including reports on admissibility of the IACHR, judgments on preliminary objections, merits, reparations, costs and interpretation, and resolutions related to compliance. The decisions are organized chronologically starting from its presentation to the Inter-American system. The search can be made thorugh the name of the case or the defendant's country.